‘WESIE’ Expands in 2015

August 22, 2016 7:53 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

WESIE has been active in the community within the UK, this summer saw it successfully organise a fundraising and awareness event in London. Many of the attendees were impressed with its progress so far and made enquiries as to how they could support the organisation move forward. It was a fun evening that involved dancing and games alongside food. There were also attendees that flew in specially from abroad to offer their support.

WESIE also organised and conducted a seminar on healthy living and weight loss for a local church. Many in attendance personally expressed their gratitude regarding this, one lady in particular claimed to have been seeking information around this but was unable to find the information provided by the host and organiser elsewhere.

The host and organiser stated that more of such events would be planned to help tackle some of the major health challenges within the UK.

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