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January 17, 2021 9:50 am Published by Leave your thoughts

WESIE looks forward to what 2021 holds for WESIE and its supporters after an interesting year. 2020 was one of our busiest years to date as we launched an online academy and pharmacy. This is all in line with its vision and mission to improve health and well-being through tapping into the power of sports to effect change whilst also improving the health and well-being of its host communities. This has become even more important this year after the COVID-19 pandemic, and the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement. Worldwide there is disproportionality in the challenges faced by an entire race due to historical reasons. We hope to use our platform to help change the narrative, and we look forward to improving on what we already do well and reaching out to more people to effect change in communities.

Thus, we will continue to build on our present achievements in Africa, by organising more events and building local capacity to take control of their own destiny- using sports as a tool. We also hope to improve on our efforts internationally, starting with the UK in particularly. Currently we organise health seminars within the Black community and speak at local events in the UK. We will continue to tackle the issues affecting the black community disproportionately the best way we can. To date we have been limited by funding opportunities, but refuse to allow that to be a hindrance to growth and our impact. We will continue to find away of growing and changing the narrative. 

One of the ways we hope to do this, is by the launch of an online pharmacy. The online pharmacy offers a range of services, but in particular offers Mini-consultations (for specific needs and queries), Weight Loss and an Integrative Well-being Consultation. Our consultations are open to all, but we are particularly interested in helping to prevent, reverse or manage a variety of chronic diseases especially diabetes, hypertension & HIV- all disproportionately affected by black people. We are also able to offer a range of medications including prescription only medicines and herbs or supplements. We hope to use the pharmacy as a source of income for our other activities. So, if reading this and unable to donate to our cause then patronise our pharmacy and help us effect much needed change…..

Another way will be through the online academy, we hope to increase the number of courses we offer and use them to inspire, empower and enable more young people.

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