‘Reaching Out’

WESIE’ believes in impacting lives through improving peoples health and wellbeing. Thus, as well as using sports as a tool to achieve this, we also recognise the need to reach out to people through various other means.

Over the years, we have done this through offering free health screens to members of the public in high prevalence and stigmatised diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and HIV. In conjunction with this, we have done a number of free consultations with high-risk populations for whom this would normally be out of their reach. Our efforts have not ended there as we have also conducted workshops and seminars in community settings such as churches to empower and improve the health and well-being of people…….

Our success in ‘reaching out’ to date has been a team effort, as we know that just as this is vital to winning in sports it is also vital for winning the battle against diseases of high prevalence across the globe. Hence, over the years, we have combined our efforts with the likes of USAID-funded programs in Africa, reputable charities in the UK and various professional health and government bodies.

We believe and hope to reach out to even more communities by continual engagement with like-minded partners across the globe.